World’s Best Places to Celebrate New Year

Sometimes nothing can beat the celebration of New Year’s Eve in the intimacy of your own home. But if you’re looking for the places that provide the best fun in the world, our list includes some freezing places, some places with fireworks, some places that yell: Party! – and some that include a decent meal.

9 – Coney Island, New York – although NY is best known for the ball dropping in the Times Square, some beer fans in Coney Island celebrate the January 1st by taking a dip in the freezing ocean waters. It’s actually quite thrilling.

Coney Island Polar Bear Club Swim 2012Flickr /TheGirlsNY

8 – Sidney, Australia provides the best fireworks for the New Year, it illuminates both the night sky and the water in the harbor. And it’s fun to celebrate far from much of the world.

sydney habour bridge & opera house fireworks new year eve 2008Flickr /Linh_rOm

7 – Copacabana Beach, Brazil celebration includes white clothes and parties that go to the beach to offer flowers to sea goddess and dance under the fireworks.

MidnightFlickr /luizfilipe

6 – In Tokyo, Japan the celebration starts on 29th of December, and lasts until January the 4th. The streets, restaurants and clubs are packed with people, singing and dancing.

2,007Flickr /wilhelmja

5 – In Barcelona, Spain you can find anything from ballroom dance, to flamenco and rock parties. They all have in common a tradition which says that in the 12 seconds before midnight you have to eat exactly 12 grapes, following the bell sound.

Barcelona Forum 2004 - FireworksFlickr /JaulaDeArdilla

4 – Celebration in Paris starts at Champs Elysees around 9 PM, and you can continue it at the Montmartre, from where you can watch the Eiffel Tower explode in a sparkling light while you are having your dinner in one of the most charming restaurants in the world.

Feu d'artifice du 14 juillet 2011 sur le sites de la Tour Eiffel et du Trocadéro à Paris vu de la Tour Montparnasse - Fireworks on Eiffel TowerFlickr /y.caradec

3 – Orlando, USA is the best place to spend the New Year’s Eve with children. The Sea World and the Disney World offer some unforgettable fun, but arrive earlier, because the parks close when they reach capacity.

Sea World OrlandoFlickr /xrayspx

2 – In Edinburgh, Scotland, the Hogmanay, the three day feast attracts over 100,000 people who come for nonstop partying with traditional Scottish music and fireball processions. It’s a bit chilly, but you probably won’t mind, because you’ll be having so much fun!

Las Vegas NightFlickr /fusionpanda

1 – Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean is the first place on the planet where the New Year hits. This tropical paradise will give you the unique feeling of celebrating on the beach with a cocktail in your hands, before anyone else.

NEW 0020Flickr /jopolopy

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