Top Ten Things to See in Bosnia

Bosnia, a heart shaped land, as their tourist boards refer to it, is a quite magnificent country. It has flatland, it has mountain it has sea (though only 24 km wide). This country ravaged by civil war just 20 years ago is now one of the top destinations for rafting, fly fishing, mountain biking and cultural diversity. Here is our list of top ten things to see in Bosnia:

10. Hutovo Blato Bird Reserve

This reserve is the home to over 240 types of migratory birds, which makes it one of the largest of its kind in this part of Europe. An amazing sight can be observed during the migration season, when tens of thousands of various birds fill this lake and its surroundings.

Hutovo blatoFlickr /Biciklima za odrzivu energiju 2011

9. Medjugorje Pilgrimage

The story of the apparition of Mother Mary on a barren hillside between the villages of Medjugorje and Bijakovici is pretty well known among Catholics all over the world. It is estimated that since the first apparition in 1981, over 15 million people have visited this historic place.

Medjugorje: retro della chiesa

8. Una River

Excellent fly fishing and rafting destination. Some say that Una is the cleanest river in Europe.

Una River Water Falls
7. Jahorina

Jahorina is a 1910 m high mountain and a ski center in Bosnia. It’s not developed like Swiss or Austrian ski places but it’s much much cheaper. Seasons last from the middle of December till March.

Poljice - 26.01.2009
6. Old Town Area of Sarajevo

The old town area of Sarajevo is a place where west meets east. Oriental style shops, cobbled streets and Mosques make you think that you are actually in the Middle East, while you can walk by a Church or Synagogue hearing the Islamic call for prayer at the same time. A truly multicultural place.

Stari Grad, Sarajevo

5. Old Town of Pocitelj

Listed as a UNESCO heritage side, this beautiful old stone town amazes with its oriental architecture and ottoman feel.

4. Etno Village Stanisici

Guys from this ethno villag collected old houses from every part of Bosnia. Lots of other old things is also available. It’s like a museum.


3. Blagaj and Tekija House

The Tekija-Dervish house offers a stunning sight. Built on the bank of the Buna river, this beautiful example of Ottoman stone masonry seems to float between stone and water.

Blagaj tekija

2. Kravica Waterfalls

The most impressive waterfalls in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and one of the largest as well. This site offers an amazing view, with picnic areas, cafes, and a refreshing swimming hole.

Kravica waterfall

1. Old Bridge of Mostar

This beautiful 16th century stone bridge presents the core of the city of Mostar, and connects the two parts of Mostar. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 after its reconstruction.

Old Bridge, Mostar HDR

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