Top 10 Most Remote Inhabited Islands

Dreaming of an isolated island to escape to? If you’re sure you’ve made your piece with the idea of not enjoying the comforts of urban life, and seeing the same faces every day, well here they are – the most isolated inhabited islands in the world, take your pick.

10 – Attu Island is the largest and the farthest of the Aleutian Islands. The weather there is terrible, and the only inhabited area has a population of 20, mostly coastguards at the Attu Station.

Photo by Melinda Webster.

9 – Tristan da Cunha in South Atlantic belongs to the most remote inhabited volcanic archipelago. There are about 80 families living there, and they only got the television in 2001!

The Main Settlement on Tristan da CunhaFlickr /The Official CTBTO Photostream

8 – Kiribati, the nation that celebrates the New Year first on the planet, has the population of about 100,000, but spread out on the islands that cover over 3,5 million square kilometers.

Butaritari, KiribatiFlickr /KevGuy4101

7 – Galapagos Islands, named after the famous tortoise that can be found there, are volcanic islands distributed around the Equator. They are best known for their contribution to the theories of evolution by Charles Darwin.

Galapagos TortoiseFlickr /kahunapulej

6 – Easter Island, famous for its 887 monumental Rapanui statues, has only 23 inhabitants per square kilometer. There’s only one airline that flies here, so even getting to the Easter Island can be quite an adventure.

Easter Island Ahu TongarikiFlickr /Ndecam

5 – Saint Helena is another volcanic island with a population of about 4,000. Its most famous inhabitant was Napoleon Bonaparte, exiled there in 1815.

St. Helena Island (NASA, International Space Station Science, 5/7/09)Flickr /NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

4 – Cook Islands, 15 of them, are spread on over 2 million square kilometers between New Zealand and Hawaii.  The total population of the 12 inhabited islands is 18,000, but they receive over 100,000 visitors per year.

Cook Islands, what a scene, tourists walk across the white coral sand exposed by low tide.Flickr /

3 – Pitcairn Islands in the center of the South Pacific Ocean have only one inhabited island, with only 50 people living there. How remote is it? Well, there’s no taxation there, that should explain it well.

AdamstownFlickr /doublecnz

2 – Falkland Islands, famous for the short war between Argentina and United Kingdom, are an archipelago of almost 800 islands. Even though they are quite remote, they are experiencing an increase in tourism so there are plenty of activities and places to stay – but the penguins still outnumber the people.

Stanley, Falkland IslandsFlickr /Liam Quinn

1 – Cocos Islands between Australia and Sri Lanka are home to 600 people. You can get there by airplane or by boat, and then find a beach and enjoy in this real tropical paradise.

Cocos IslandFlickr /anja_johnson

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