Ulcinj is a municipality and town located along the coast in Montenegro. It has about 10000 inhabitants and major part of them are Albanians.

The region of Ulcinj is very popular tourist destination, especially between May and September. Ulcinj is famous among the Albanians, Germans and Italians, and the main reason is Velika Plaza(12 km long sand beach), or Mala Plaza, which is much smaller, but also very popular among tourists. Beside that, worth of visit is well preserved castle-looking community, which is located in old town of Ulcinj. The castle was built in medieval times.

Another popular place to visit is definitely Ada Bojana, and it attracts people with its peaceful and unique atmosphere. If you decided to visit Ulcinj, the list of Ulcinj Hotels below will be very helpful for you..

  1. Hotel Haus Freiburg is a 4-star hotel since 2008. The hotel is run according to German standards and it has 10 rooms, which includes one luxury apartment.
  2. Hotel Casa Grande is a 4-star hotel and it is 1 km away from the famous Velika Plaza and offers luxury accommodation. It has 35 rooms.
  3. Hotel Mediteran Resort Ulcinj is a 3-star hotel which is located in the old resort Ulcinj. It is very pleasant place to stay because it is surrounded by pine trees and nearby is a small beach. It has 100 rooms.
  4. Hotel Petriti is also 3-star hotel and it offers 30 rooms. It is very modern and offers comfortable accommodation.
  5. Villa Primafila is located about 1 km from the Velika plaza and it has 26 rooms.
  6. Hotel Dolocino – Is another nice hotel in Ulcinj, it aims mostly to business tourists .
  7. Albatros Hotel in Ulcinj is a hotel which was very popular in ex-Yugoslavia era. It has 69 rooms.
  8. Dvori Balsica and Palata Venezia is a unique rustic hotel. It is one of the best in Ulcinj and it is located in Old Town of Ulcinj.
  9. Ulcinjska Rivijera has 2 hotels and one nudist resort. Resort Ada Bojana is 15 km outside of Ulcinj and it is popular nudist tourist resort. Hotel Olympic is their second hotel and it has 132 room. Their third hotel is Hotel Bellevue. It has 702 beds and it is located on Big Beach.

List of Apartments for Rent in Ulcinj

Beside this, Ulcinj offers apartment accommodation, the best ones are: Firenze Apartments, Sars Apartments, Eneida ApartmentsApartments Cungu, Apartments Pasha, Adriatic Apartments, Apartments Kalimera, Apartments Sara, Villa Aldin,  Tati Apartments, Villa AnastasijaVila Radovic, Dobre Vode Apartments.

Have a pleasant stay in Ulcinj!

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