Five Most Beautiful Polynesian Islands

Picking five out of over thousand Polynesian islands is not easy. We decided to settle on most popular ones and world wide known Polynesians paradises Bora Bora and Tahiti.

5. Raiatea

Taputapuatea Marae in RaiateaFlickr /Pierre Lesage

The island of Raiatea has a wide variety of beaches, it is not very populous, but it isa very popular corner for a yacht owners. Raiatea is also known for the mountain Mt Temehani, where a very rare and protected flower species,”Tiare apetahi”, grows.
The island of Raiatea holds a lot of interesting history and myths, as well as some of Tahiti’s most significant archaeological sites. There are a large number of Pearl farms on the island, which are known for their high quality, artistic appeal and value.

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