Five Best Beaches in California

The most popular and widest beach in Los Angeles area is Santa Monica State Beach. It has everything from an amusement park, volleyball and the bike path, Ferris wheel and a vintage carousel, to air hockey, video games, pinball, and makes a perfect place for families to visit. During the summer months, on Thursdays there are free live concerts.

Corona del Mar is a wide beach that attracts lots of people for all-day beach time, because it’s equipped with volleyball nets and a picnic area with fire pits. Boogie boards can be rented on the beach, if you want to ride its mild to moderate waves.

Corona Del MarFlickr /kadluba

La Jolla, meaning “the jewel” in Spanish, gets very crowded, because it’s so beautiful that everyone wants to go there. Waves are gentle, which makes La Jolla the training ground for novice surfers. It’s a clean beach, great for families, and has small shells in the sand. The beach also has fire rings, but they are very popular, so you’ll have to get there early to claim your spot.

La Jolla Cove 1Flickr /daryl_mitchell

Baker Beach is primarily used during the day, since it closes well before the sunset. Nudity is allowed here, so this place is very popular with the San Franciscans. However, since the water conditions are dangerous and there’s no lifeguard, this beach isn’t a place for water activities, but you can enjoy the sun and play games.

Baker BeachFlickr /erulehto

Blacks Beach is the place for expert surfers, with powerful waves that offer spectacular views to those on the land, and provide a fantastic surfing experience to those in the water. There aren’t permanent lifeguards here, so be careful on big days.

Surfer climbing up from Blacks BeachFlickr /Art4TheGlryOfGod

Newport beach has waves that break over the water, making stronger waves and making this beach a heaven for surfers. Besides building sandcastles or sunbathing, there are many things to do on this beach. There’s an old fashioned Fun Zone for children, and a nearby Historic Balboa Pavilion is a nice place to visit. During winter, you can go on a whale-watching boat tour.

Newport Beach, CaliforniaFlickr /Ken Lund

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