5 Best Things to Do in Serbia

It’s difficult to sort out the top things to do in Serbia. The country is rich in historical sites, natural wanders and cultural events, and well known for the nightlife that never stops – there’s no weekend and work days, every day is made for fun in this Balkan country. We’ll try to mix it all up in this list of top things to do and places to visit there.

5 – Tara National Park. Vast forested mountain with deep gorges intersecting it, that’s Tara. Main tourist points are Kaludjerske Bare and Mitrovac. Tara is part of both Serbia and Montenegro.

River TaraFlickr /stalkERR

4 – Gucha Trumpet Festival takes place annually, early in the August, and lasts for three days. It might sound boring, but this festival is actually one of the craziest events in the region – it has been compared to Glastonbury for atmosphere. It usually hosts 600,000 visitors that come from all parts of Europe and the world.

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3 – Kopaonik Ski Resort is a beautiful resort with stunning scenery and ski trails that have a good snowfall every season. There are gently slopes for beginners, and more challenging black runs for more experienced skiers, as well as the opportunity for cross-country and night skiing. The resort has been built with enjoyment in mind, so after the day on the trails you can relax and have fun in one of many bars and nightclubs.

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2 – Šargan Eight Railway, constructed in 1925 and restored in 1995, is an old-fashioned railway with the train that has carriages with wooden seats and wood stoves. Its ancient look in the middle of the wild landscape of the Zlatibor and Tara Mountain makes it one of major Serbian tourist attractions. Ethno village Drvengrad is also worth seeing.


1 – Exit Festival. Number one thing to see in Serbia is the Exit Festival, held in a mesmerizing fortress near Novi Sad. It’s one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world, with many mini-parties inside the fortress, a heaven for dance lovers who enjoy staying up all night, until the sunrise. There’s a campsite there, but you can find the accommodation in the city too – and you’ll need one, because the festival lasts 4 days. Novi Sad is also the second largest city in Serbia, called “Serbian Athens” because of many museums, galleries and theatres, and its churches represent a wide range of denominations. In the old town center, most building were made in 19th century, so the visit to this beautiful city on Danube river can turn into a history lesson – apart from the fact that it’s a shopping Mecca.

dance arena, exit festival, novi sad, serbiaFlickr /Exit Festival

Exit Festival, Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, SerbiaFlickr /Exit Festival

Exit Festival 2008, Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, SerbiaFlickr /Exit Festival

Beach at EXIT Village #EXIT2011Flickr /Exit Festival

Beach at EXIT Village #EXIT2011Flickr /Exit Festival

EXIT Village #EXIT2011Flickr /Exit Festival

EXIT Village #EXIT2011Flickr /Exit Festival

Silent Disco Stage by CONVERSE #EXIT2011Flickr /Exit Festival

Party at EXIT Village #EXIT2011Flickr /Exit Festival

Exit Festival 2010Flickr /Exit Festival

Some other blogs and lists such as “https://www.thecrazytourist.com/15-best-places-visit-serbia/” mention couple of more great places in Serbia which you might like. Take a minute and check them out.

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