10 Best Diving Spots in the World

Each diving experience is different. Being in the deep, sharing the water with all sorts of marine life forms is the indescribable feeling. Try some of the locations suggested here, it’s very possible that one of them will become your number one for life.

10 – Surin and Similan Islands, Thailand have a huge choice of little visited and wild dive sites, well known among the experienced divers for the diversity of the marine life.

Anemone FishFlickr /prilfish

9 – The Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea, with marine biodiversity being the highest on the planet, will offer you a chance to swim with sponge crabs, pygmy seahorses, squat lobsters, besides the “big stuff”.

PNG-081-222_2268 colorFlickr /Tom Gruber

8 – The Maldives diving on a live-aboard boat will get you four dives a day, so that’s the best way to see the Maldives. Diving around the atoll guarantees that you will share the water with manta rays, turtles and sharks.

Maldives underwaterFlickr /UU.Nudi

7 – Cocos and Malpelo in Eastern Pacific are two isolated islands that only the divers and the members of the coast guard visit. You can see the schools of tuna and jacks, and of course hammerhead sharks and silky sharks.

Hammer from Cocos Island, Costa RicaFlickr /petersbar

6 – Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands has a great number of shipwrecks, and the fish life there is stunning since the island is inhabited.

CoralFlickr /Naomi T

5 – Rangiroa, Polynesia is the second largest atoll in the world. When the tides turn in the lagoon, twice a day, you can share the ride with scores of dolphins or grey sharks.

Swimming with Sharks!Flickr /SF Brit

4 – Little Cayman, British West Indies is a small island, with only about 200 inhabitants, so it hasn’t fallen prey to pollution caused by overfishing and overdevelopment, unlike the rest of the Caribbean. There’s a spectacular coral cliff that drops 2,000 meters into a submarine trench on the northern shore.

Good swimmer for his ageFlickr /Tom Gruber

3 – Rocktail Bay, South Africa. The water is cooler, but you can hope to see some really big fish species, and encounter a dolphin or a whale shark, or even clownfish and manta rays.

Rocktail Beach Camp, KZNFlickr /ZA Photos

2 – Sipadan Island, Malaysian Borneo is a magnet for all sorts of fish that swarm over the reefs. You can get very close to the turtles, since they are accustomed to divers.

Sea FansFlickr /chanyinkeen

1 – Sulawesi, Indonesia has a wonderful marine biodiversity, and you can easily see all sorts of nudibranchs, seahorses, and healthy corals – and sharks, of course.

SeasquirtsFlickr /divemecressi

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